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Welcome to the official website of artist Daisy Van Der Zijden

Panda dreams. Artwork by Daisy van der Zijden




Original Art for sale. Buy Daisy's Original Artwork. Originele kunstwerken te koop
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Commissions. Tekenen in opdracht


Daisy van der Zijden

"I try to give every drawing a soul"

Artist Daisy van der Zijden. Kunstenares Daisy van der Zijden

Carlijn, The Netherlands

In 2017 I received an unexpected message. Daisy had seen one of my photos and asked if she could use it to practice drawing. I agreed, with the request that she would share the result. I was amazed, so likely, so striking that I could even recognize the personality in it, that I immediately asked if I could buy her 'practice project' too. And since that drawing, a beautiful framed one hangs on the wall, still in a place of honor. I'm still very happy that I suddenly got that in 2017.

Zaira, The Netherlands

Very beautiful drawings. Draws very realistically, it looks like the drawing is alive.

Diane, NY United States

Daisy's works are so lifelike, you can completely dream away in them.
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